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Elijah's album "Star Jelly" is available here!!! Below are some more recordings of other Elijah Shiffer projects.

Sunday Stroll





A song by Herbie Nichols, arranged by Elijah Shiffer for sax quartet plus drums. Recorded live at Silvana, January 3, 2019. Jon DeLucia (soprano sax); Elijah Shiffer (alto sax); John Lowery (tenor sax); Matt Maley (baritone sax); Jake Shandling (drums).

Apostrophe D





This original piece for four alto saxes is a companion piece to a work in progress for four tenor saxes. Recorded live at Silvana, May 18th, 2017. The Crown Heights Saxophone Quartet, here all on alto: Andrew Hadro (first solo), Elijah Shiffer (second solo), Justin Wood (third solo), Jon DeLucia (fourth solo).

Styles Of Tiles

left to right: I. Plaque; II. Glossy Green; III. Divots; IV. Matt Brown; V. The Same, Aged




An original piece inspired by five framed samples of tiles in a Manhattan subway stop. Recorded live at Manhattan School of Music, October 20th, 2015. Elijah Shiffer (alto sax); Jeff McLaughlin (guitar); Mat Muntz (electric bass); Tim Rachbach (drums).

(This group is also sort of the Robber Crabs.)

The Other Man

left to right: II. No Union; III. Your Warm Embrace; VIII. The Strains; XV. Nightfall




Four movements of an original work comprising a total of sixteen movements, inspired by these poems. Recorded live at Manhattan School of Music, December 2nd, 2014. Elijah Shiffer (alto sax); Xavier Del Castillo (tenor sax); Nolan Tsang (trumpet); Andrew Karboski (trombone); Matt Savage (piano); Mat Muntz (bass); Joe Peri (drums).

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